Event Filming Services
Live Events Video Production Services Company - London, UK.
Robotic PTZ Cameras and Manned Cameras Filming Solutions

We are Live Event Video Production and Filming Services Company.

Our Work Examples are below:

We provide full scale video production services for live events including:

Events Filming, Camera kit and equipment supply, Vision Mixing, IMAG+Switching and graphics overlay.
We also supply Robotic PTZ Cameras solutions with remote control. 
Full HD and 4K Cameras. Working with all signal types: HDMI, SDI and NDI+I.P.

Robotic PTZ Cameras and remote control is the way forward to provide cost effective solutions for multi-camera setup event filming. 
Cameras provide industry standard SDI and HDMI signals as well as with new tech – NDI, allowing to utilise network capability and software based vision mix solutions.

Live Event Filming Examples

Cameras output to: live to screen / imag, dedicated recorder, vision mix, I.P. / Remote sites, graphics overlay and video streaming.
Ideal solution for live and hybrid type of events filming and video production. 
  • Video Streaming and recording your event using HD multi-camera systems, produce high quality live as well as on-demand video that will reach your global audience
  • Event Streaming can be integrated with the most popular Social networks: Zoom, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Likewise.
  • Our CDN and Dedicated Web Player will distribute your event stream to all platforms: Win /Mac , Android and iOS devices
  • We can work with your existing platform / channels as well as can offer custom build systems for all your event production needs
  • Filming and streaming services from an established Company UK based
  • Event filming and live streaming in HD
  • Reliable and scalable multi-camera setup and encoding systems
  • Webcast delivery to any platform
  • Social Media integration with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Likewise
  • Cost Effective webcast solutions and “Price Beat” guarantee
  • London Based Company with easy access to all major event venues
  • In House video production crew and kit
  • 15 Years experience in event filming, video streaming and webcast industry