Web Video Streaming LTD provides full scale professional live events streaming and filming services.

We specialise in Live & Hybrid Events streaming, recording and post production.

Stream  your event live in HD, UHD or 4K to your preferred social media or event platform.

15 years experience in delivering professional live events streaming solutions to our clients. We use latest technology to deliver high quality video and audio to your audience. HD, UHD and 4K is our standard production workflow.

Our events technical crew are professionals with years of experience in the industry.
We work with Corporate clients, Venues and Event Agencies delivering full scale events streaming solutions accross the UK.
The best part – we are innovative in how we work, offering very attractive prices and straight forward streaming packages.

Our Work

We create customisable event micro-sites hosted on secured dedicated servers to match your event branding and interactivity requirements.

Secure and Dedicated Custom streaming platform

We use Events Industry Best Standard Encoding and Visual Mix Production Systems like: vMIX Pro and WireCast Pro

We provide technical solutions for all your events production needs, including: 
Webcast management and Events Streaming technology solutions implementations.

We love new technology and implement: NDI, Web RTC, Low Latency Streaming, SSL Secured Hosting + WEB player and SRT solutions in our delivery.

Get in touch to discuss your event production requirements