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Events webinar production services for corporate and business

Web Video Streaming LTD

Professional full scale webinar production services for business events, AGMs, conferences and meetings – Webcast agency WVS.

HD, UHD and 4K Live and Semi-live Webinar production services for Corporate events, Conferences and Business Meetings.

Hybrid and Virtual Events Production Company

15 years experience in delivering professional live events streaming and webinar solutions to our clients.

We use the latest technology to deliver high quality video and audio to your audience. HD, UHD and 4K is our standard production workflow.

Our events technical crew are professionals with years of experience in the industry.

Pre-record your webcast for live playback to ensure a polished delivery of your message.

  • Green screen
  • 4k cameras
  • Latest sound and mic equipment
  • On-site and IP based intercom system.
  • Live streaming to any platform
  • Gigabit ethernet with 2nd redundancy line.
  • Remote participants management
  • Analytics and Post Production services.
  • Autocue systems
  • AI assisted speach to text (STT), transcribtion and closed captions production.
We work with our clients on planning, technical implementation and delivery of professionally managed live, hybrid and virtual events.
Our approach is to simplify complex projects into easily manageable solutions and incorporation of user friendly technology.
We use broadcast quality 4k video production workflows, industry standards for lighting and sound, as well as leading encoding solutions. Your event will be managed by professional and knowledgeable project managers.
WVS can manage all aspects of live, virtual and hybrid event production: presentation coaching, remote speaker management, visual material production and event post production services including analytics.
We also provide Webcam, Lights and Mic kits to remote presenters. Some projects would require complex intercom solutions which we are happy to manage using several technology solutions such as Unity Comms.
We can bring remote presenters into events anywhere in the world using any connected device: Computers, Smartphones, iPads, Phones or specialised cameras with built in streaming capabilities.

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