Live captions for events.
Realtime Captions Services

Realtime live captions solutions for live & hybrid events.
Custom CC output to screen or live stream solutions.

Web Video Streaming LTD

AI Implementation for realtime live captions generation and live to screen or live to stream technical solutions for live and hybrid events. 

Open AI integration for high quality realtime STT.

We provide technical solutions for Live and Realtime Captions solutions,
designed for Hybrid and Virtual events production needs.

  • Open AI Powered Raltime Speach to Text (STT)

  • HDMI, SDI, NDI, SRT Output

  • Captions to screen with customisable look

  • Captions “burn in” for live video streaming

  • Low latency CC/STT generation

  • Post Event CC generation from video/audio source

  • CC Output display branding for client specific event

  • On-site equipment and technical support

Open AI Real Time STT

 On-site hardware and software + operator
– Realtime and low latency processing

Live captions to screen demo

Why Choose Us?

  • 15 years experience working within the Business and Corporate industry in the UK.
  • Professional event management, streaming and filming services Company
  • Technical crew with years of experience in the industry
  • Industry standards sound and lights equipment and wide network connections to London based AV suppliers
  • London based Company with easy access to all event venues and business premises.