How we work?

We implement the latest technology into our production, delivery and streaming solutions for live and hybrid events.

Even for complex setups, with implementing several tech solutions to meet your event requirements, we aim to simplify the process and workflow and follow a “keep it simple” approach.

When it comes to planning, pre-production, on-site delivery and post-production we follow simple rules to achieve high professional standards and meet clients budgets.

Your video and audio source matters.

The quality of camera feed and audio plays an important role in the final delivery and recording quality. This is why we use 4K cameras and industry standards audio interfaces to bring video and audio sources in.

Robotic Cameras.

No surprise that you can save on cost by using robotic PTZ cameras instead of manned camera options. All PTZ Cameras are remote controlled via ethernet or even dedicated WiFi connection.

Encoding Equipment.
We use industry standard vMIX and WireCast as our primary encoders plus quality HD, UHD and 4K Capture interface to bring Camera and Screen content into the stream mix.

Dedicated Hardware Switchers.

In most cases, we use dedicated hardware based switchers to mix/cut camera feed that goes into the encoders. We use HD or 4K switchers, based on production requirements.

Comms is a must.

For all our projects, even with single camera solutions, we use Wireless Comms talkback system. This way our tech team can communicate during the event to ensure all cuts and transitions are correct.

We also use UnityComms as one of the solutions for linking remote sites or presenters.

Zoom and MS Teams.

The most cost effective way to reach your audience. Both solutions allow you to run Webinar or Live Event Meeting on their platforms.

Remote presenters.

For hybrid events, you require external off-site speakers to join your event live. There are several tech solutions to achieve that. It is not just via zoom or teams, but also can be done via WebRTC solution or via SRT protocols to ensure high quality image.

Vimeo and YouTube

Great workable solution that allows you to create a channel or embed the web player onto your website and invite your attendees to watch your event live at their convenience.

Dedicated micro-site and web player.

Google has created an excellent solution for deploying and managing cloud based dedicated servers. We utilise this already existing technology and deploy scalable servers to meet your viewer numbers. In order to keep prices down, we scale up server capacity required before the event for the duration required.

Internet Connection

99% of our streaming is done via a dedicated Ethernet connection. For remote sites with no connectivity we can use either 4G/5G bonding devices or satellite internet, like Starlink.

AI Solutions

There are several AI powered solutions that we implement into our production workflow.
For example, live speech to text (STT) AI Models provide excellent solutions for adding inclusivity into our event. From live speech to text on screen or CC generation to simplifying post-event transcription process.

Automated PTZ cameras control is another example of a solution which minimises the crew number required on-site, keeping multi-cam setup simple and cost effective.

AI Powered live translation technology can be implemented for extended inclusivity.

Polls, Chat, Q&A, Social Media Feed Walls and Analytics.

We utilise existing technology to bring interactivity as part of a live streaming package. All add-ons can be integrated into your event page or be built into a dedicated server solution package.

We love the challenge!

If you require a solution that cannot be achieved with our existing tech, speak to us. With 15 years of experience of delivering live and hybrid events we have accumulated knowledge allowing as to come up with innovative and creative solutions to achieve your event specific needs.

Hybrid and Virtual Events Production Company